Terms & Conditions

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In this agreement:-

Centre:  STC Ltd trading as Sussex Tuition Centre (STC)

Parent/guardian: the signatory or signatories to the registration form.

Tutor: the person providing the tuition

Student: anyone enrolled at the Centre

STC Child Protection Policy attached as Appendix 1.

Assignment: a Tutor’s contract with STC to provide tuition for STC commencing with the first date of tuition and ending with the last date of tuition of that Student, generally in half-termly blocks

It is agreed as follows:-


1.2. Whilst there is no obligation on the Centre to provide the Tutor with an Assignment and no obligation on the Tutor to accept any subsequent Assignments, the Tutor agrees that the following terms of business (and any amendments to such terms of business as previously notified to the Tutor) will apply to all current and future assignments accepted by the Tutor.1.1. By accepting an Assignment, verbally or in writing from STC, the Tutor agrees to provide teaching services for STC for the period of the Assignment in accordance with the following terms of business which are to ensure and protect the quality and standard of the tuition provided to a Student.


2.1  The Tutor accepts and acknowledges that there is no obligation on the part of the Centre to source and offer an Assignment to the Tutor nor is there an obligation on the part of the Tutor to accept any suitable teaching assignments offered.

2.2  The Centre may offer an Assignment to the Tutor and once the Tutor has accepted an Assignment either verbally or in writing, the Centre will provide the Tutor with relevant student details.

2.3  On each occasion the Tutor accepts an assignment from the Centre, the Tutor is deemed to have entered into an agreement with the Centre in accordance with these terms of business to provide teaching to the Student, subject to the Parent/guardian’s approval of the Tutor.

2.5  The Tutor and the Centre will agree a mutually convenient time slot for the teaching to take place.


3.1 The Centre is responsible for finding Students an appropriate Tutor for the specific subject, and is not responsible for the content or style of the lessons, the teaching methods and teaching manner which are to be determined by the Tutor and are the total responsibility of the Tutor.

3.2 Any equipment, materials, tools or software required by the Tutor in order to carry out the teaching assignment is the responsibility of and at the cost of the Tutor.

3.3 The Tutor must be up-to-date with the relevant curriculum, syllabus or course requirements including the requirements of any relevant examination board or other regulatory body for any exam, qualification or other standard the Student is working towards. Any training or knowledge update costs which the Tutor incurs in order to remain fully proficient are at the Tutor’s cost.


If the parent/guardian is not satisfied with the teaching provided by the Tutor, the parent/guardian can request an alternative tutor from the Centre.


5.1 In the event that the Tutor feels that they are not an appropriate tutor for the Student in terms of experience or competence (or if there are unforeseeable circumstances e.g. sickness, personal) after the initial teaching session, the Tutor must inform the Centre giving 14 days notice of termination. In the event that the Centre or the tutor find an alternative tutor with similar experience within the 14 day notice period, the Tutor is no longer obliged to fulfil the 14 day notice period.

5.2 The Centre may waive the notice requirement where (1) it is in the Student’s best interest by agreement with the Tutor and the Parent/guardian or (2) if the Parent/guardian and the Tutor agree that the Tutor’s background, experience or qualifications are not appropriate for the assignment.


The Tutor must keep the Centre informed of their availability to take assignments indicating times and dates when they are available to carry out tutoring in the centre.


The Tutor’s hourly rate will be the Centre’s standard rate appropriate to the level of tuition and experience of the Tutor and will be communicated and confirmed with the Tutor before the Assignment commences.


8.1   The Tutor is not permitted to make private arrangements for tuition with parents/guardians introduced by the Centre.

8.2  If the Tutor makes a private arrangement with the parents/guardians, the Centre will not provide any future assignments to the Tutor.

8.3 If the Tutor receives a referral enquiry from a parent/guardian, the Tutor must instruct them to contact the Centre to arrange the tuition. Any work referred to a Tutor by a parent/guardian must be arranged and billed through the Centre.


All tuition will take place at the Centre, Sussex Tuition Centre,14-16 Sussex Road, Haywards Heath. RH16 4EA


10.1 The Centre is responsible for determining the appropriate tuition fee with the parent/guardian.

10.2 The Centre is responsible for collecting all payments from the parent/guardian.

10.3 The Centre is responsible for paying the Tutor the agreed rate per assignment on a monthly basis. Tutor must provide an invoice or agree with the payment order provided by the centre for services provided.

10.4 It is the Tutor’s responsibility to ensure that all sessions taught are marked on the system as completed.

10.5 The Tutor must not bill the parent/guardian directly or accept payment from the parent/guardian or Student.


11.1 The Tutor confirms that they are self-employed to provide teaching services for the Centre.

11.2 As a self-employed Tutor, the Tutor is responsible for paying any taxes and national insurance contributions which are due whether in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in relation to the payments received from the Centre under this Agreement.


If the Tutor is a school teacher, in the interests of confidentiality and good practice, the Centre will not place students with the Tutor if they are currently taught by the Tutor at school. The Tutor must therefore keep the Centre informed of any schools at which the Tutor currently teaches.


The Centre is covered by a professional indemnity and public liability insurance.


The Centre will not be liable to the Tutor, the parent/guardian, the Student or any third party for any claims arising out of or related to the carrying out of the Assignment by the Tutor.

The Tutor agrees to indemnify the Centre in respect of any claims for which they are found to be liable.


16.1 The Tutor undertakes that they shall not at any time during this agreement, and for a period of five years after termination of this agreement, disclose to any person any confidential information concerning the business, affairs, customers, parents/guardians of the Centre, except that the Tutor may disclose confidential information pertaining to the Centre as may be required by law, court order or any governmental or regulatory authority.
16.2 The Tutor shall not use the Centre’s confidential information for any purpose other than to perform the tutor’s obligations under this agreement.


The Centre will use tutor data for the purposes of the services that it provides. The Tutor consents to the use of their personal data by the Centre for the purpose of effecting introductions to parents/guardians, for billing and fee collecting purposes and to enable the Centre to contact the Tutor from time to time.


The Tutor agrees that they will read and follow the Centre’s Child Protection Policy in Appendix.


19.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Centre, these Terms of Business shall prevail over any other terms of business or conditions put forward by the Tutor.

19.2 The Centre reserves the right to alter these terms of business. The Centre will, however, notify the Tutor in writing of any changes.


Acceptance of our services will be taken to represent agreement to these Terms of Business.