Do different revision methods help different people?

It’s time to ask the question: “Do different revision methods help different people?”

The short answer is: Yes!

It’s important to try out different revision techniques to find which ones are most effective for you! There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to revision, and taking some time to discover your learning style and revision habits can really help prepare for exams. For many, revision isn’t something that will automatically click, that’s why starting early is so important!

Doing 10-20 minutes of active revision a day over a long period of time will help long-term recall. Spreading your revision out and working to a consistent revision timetable will not only assist in effective learning but will decrease stress and ‘cramming’ before the exam.

Some things to consider whilst trying out different revision methods are:

  • Am I actively engaging in my revision whilst using this method?
  • Is my revision becoming easier over time whilst using this method?

Here are some of our favourite revision methods:

Make summary notes

Read through any notes taken in class, important quotes from books and key points from your revision guides. Take these notes and summarise them including all key information that will likely be tested or that commonly appears in past papers.

Summarise the information that you need to learn into revision notes in a way that makes sense to you.

Watch educational videos

Revision sessions can easily become boring and tiring.

Watching informative and exciting educational videos online can boost your study session as you are engaged with the content on the screen rather than reading another textbook or page of notes!

We love the videos from BBC Bitesize. They have educational content ranging from Primary to Post-16, so there’s something for everyone! Check out an example of their videos here: Cell structure – BBC Bitesize

Have a go at teaching!

A great way to stay engaged whilst revising is to try teaching your subject/topic to someone else!

Be the teacher! Start talking to yourself out loud or teach someone else and you’ll soon find the areas where topics become difficult to explain and where your knowledge is therefore weaker.

Do past papers!

Set yourself an exam using a past paper under examination conditions. That means- no phone, no notes, and within a time limit.

You will be able to find past papers for your subject, level and exam board online from the exam board websites. Using these papers is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for the style of exam questions used in the paper, whilst testing your knowledge.

Why not have a go at all of these revision methods? We think that having a good mixture of techniques, and changing things up every now and again, can really help to keep your revision fresh, exciting and engaging. As we mentioned before, different revision methods work for different people, so some of these may not work best for you! Take the time to discover more about yourself and how you learn  to avoid that last-minute revision panic.

So… it’s time to start revising!

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