How reading can aid your English Literature and Language skills

Teachers, parents, or tutors urging you to start reading?

Perhaps you’re wondering: ‘Will reading really improve my English?’

From learning about communication, language and literacy in your early years, to studying English as a foreign language, or preparing for English Literature or English Language exams at GCSE and A-Level, reading is one of the best ways to improve your English skills.

Reading is an incredible way to develop your knowledge of a topic and understanding of vocabulary, grammar and even culture. There is always more to learn! Expand your vocabulary, and pick up some impressive words; all whilst having fun and following a story that you enjoy.

The best part is, you don’t need to be a bookworm! Picking up a book when you aren’t used to reading may seem like a major task, but there really is something that can interest everyone (we promise!).

Don’t feel overwhelmed; you don’t need to start with the classics. Why not try reading the book from your favourite movie adaptation, or start with something fun like a comic or graphic novel?

Here are our 5 Favourite tips to help you start reading to aid your English Literature and Language skills (without revising!)

Start by choosing a book at your level

Don’t reach for the stars just yet, it’s important that you become comfortable reading at your current level before moving up. This means that your vocabulary will consistently improve, but you won’t become overwhelmed.

Make sure that reading stays fun and interesting!

Choose a book that you’ll enjoy

Finding a book that you’ll enjoy reading can be a confusing task.

Try using a website like What Should I Read Next? or Whichbook which can help you to find a book you’ll love, based on your preferences.

Try reading a few pages a day

Don’t worry! You don’t need to be finishing whole chapters.

Instead, try 5-10 minutes of reading a day. Utilise the ‘little and often’ method, rather than trying to delve into a huge novel and becoming quickly burnt out.

Highlight anything you don’t understand

Whilst advancing your English Literature and Language skills through reading, highlight any words and phrases you don’t understand and look them up as you go along!

Remember: you’re learning on your own time; there is no race or rush to the end.

Time to start reading!

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