The one-to-one tutoring services we provide

There is no one-size-fits all method to developing your knowledge and everyone is different when it comes to the pace they learn at. One-to-one tutoring is the perfect way for a student to benefit from personalised support which is designed around their individual needs. The main advantage of private tutoring is that it allows a […]

Who should consider having a personal tutor?

Personal tuition can be very beneficial for a wide range of different students. By receiving one-to-one teaching from a qualified tutor, students will not only be able to develop their skills within a subject but can also build confidence and engagement for when they return to group learning. Students in mainstream schools can often struggle […]

Why you should consider private tutoring alongside home schooling

Home schooling, also known as home education or home tuition, can be a great option for your child. It offers a different experience to mainstream schooling and means that you can choose your own curriculum to a certain extent. Whether you choose to educate your child at home because of the freedom it offers or […]

How we deliver English tuition

English is seen as a high priority by parents and students as it is a compulsory school subject in the National Curriculum which has to be retaken if the student does not pass. Some students struggle to grasp the formalities of the English language; grammar, structure and contradicting rules mean that it can be a […]

Is one to one tuition right for you?

One to one tuition can be very rewarding for students. By working with one pupil at a time, tutors can hone in on what that pupil needs and work out how best to meet their goals. More and more people are looking to private tutoring services as mainstream schools cannot always offer the best experience. […]

Why GCSE tuition could benefit your child

By time it comes to your child taking their GCSE examinations, you may consider GCSE tuition. GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education and are taken by most British students, as well as many international students studying the British curriculum abroad, between the ages of 14 and 16 years. These examinations are an important […]

Our background: Why you can trust us with expert tuition

Since 2017, our talented team of tutors have offered expert tuition to students in Sussex and across the UK. We believe that every student deserves the best education and private tuition can help secure the successful results that you are looking for. Our centre located in Haywards Heath, West Sussex is the perfect base to […]

How we have expanded our services to offer online tuition

The entire UK has felt the impact of COVID-19 in the past 18 months. Every sector has been affected in some way and the education sector has been one of those most significantly impacted. Through lockdowns and bubbles, schools have been closed for months at a time. Most children did not receive in class teaching […]

Our Summer School Activity Programme 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are running a summer school activity programme this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most children have had a disruptive 18 months. When it comes to their education, this is alarming. To make sure that your child does not fall behind, we are offering sessions throughout the summer. […]